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References: Ethical Standards in the Field of MMORPG Research

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Part 5: Conclusion and ethical approach for MMORPG research

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In theory and in practice, ethical issues in virtual ethnography are real and widely considered (see previous section). They can be addressed in different ways as the study showed, and there is a common sense of formal ethical issues that must be met to [...]

Part 4: Applied Ethical Standards in Modern MMORPG Research

Part 4: Applied Ethical Standards in Modern MMORPG Research

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The previous section addressed ethical dilemmas and their (individual, institutional and national) suggestions to solve them. As there are many ideas and recommendations to solve ethical dilemmas in ethnography generally (and even there exist only guidelines, but no true solutions), the researcher must act [...]

Part 3: Ethical Issues of Virtual Ethnography

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This section wants to summarize some typical issues concerning ethic problems during an ethnographic research in general. As discussed previously, the main tool set of ethnography are participative observation and ethnographic interviews, supplemented by various other methods, which reveal very personal information of our informants [...]

Part 2: Ethnography in Synthetic Worlds

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As shown in the first section, synthetic worlds offer a very actual and interesting research arena for socio-cultural sciences. In this sense, ethnography is one possibility to gather qualitative research data, as described by Geertz (1973): a socio-cultural fact must be embedded in a [...]

Part 1: Research Conducted in Synthetic Worlds

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In this first section, this article will outline the current research that is conducted in synthetic worlds. As it shows, many of them are situated in the frame of socio-cultural sciences. The presented works does not include all works in this field, but [...]

Ethical Standards in the Field of MMORPG Research

by Marek Buzinkay and Dr. David Moore, Leeds Metropolitan University
This paper discusses ethical considerations regarding ethnographic research in synthetic worlds. The main question is what kind of ethical approaches do researchers apply when they investigate social artifacts and behavior of players and/or their avatars in so-called virtual or synthetic worlds.
This paper shows that, besides some [...]