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Ethnographic persona: references

References to my article:

Alby, Tom (2007). Web 2.0. 2. Aufl. München: Hanser Fachbuchverlag.
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Ethnographic Persona: Section 4

In this final section of this paper, I will present my own ideas how to exploit the richness of ethnographical methodology for the benefit of useful and used information applications.
A true enhancement of persona through ethnography
I described several state of the art techniques of information architects to create an usable and useful information systems. The [...]

Ethnographic Persona: Section 3

Ethnographic Persona: Section 3

In this section of this article, I will describe how ethnographic methods can be used in the development of information architecture and design. First, I will outline current research and practical experience in form of case studies, and second, I will present different types of ethnographic “products” that are widely found and could be a [...]

Ethnographic Persona: Section 2

In this section of this paper, I will briefly give an overview about ethnographic methods used in the field. The objective here is to inform the reader about the wide repertoire of ways to gather ethnographical data and to prepare him/her for the next sections – the application of these methods within an information project. [...]

Ethnographic Persona: Section 1

In this first section of this paper, I will outline the possibilities we (as users of a web site) have to navigate. This will lead to the question, how we (the architects of information) can achieve useful and used information design. I will present different state of the art techniques as an outlook for the [...]

Ethnographic Persona: Information Design through the Ethnographic Lens

“If it is our serious purpose to understand the thoughts of a people the whole analysis of experience must be based upon their concepts, not ours” Franz Boas (1943, 11)
The actual set of methods to build useful and usable information systems neglect a very important part of our world: our language as fundament of our [...]