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9mine: the quick-game collection

9mine is a game portal for flash-based games. It consists of the typical sortiment of adventure, fun, sports and trivia games, a lot of on-site ads and video clips. Just right for the short take-your-time-off 5 mins during conferences or homework.
There are some shooter and jump ‘n run games that makes fun and will see [...]

Fusionfall: Browser-based Games

Fusionfall: Browser-based Games

Another company (see Casual Cafe, Moondo, Flowplay) tries to be successful with browser-based flash games: Fusionfall. Fusionfall is aimed at 9-14 year old kids and features characters from the 3D cartoon network.

To be exact, FusionFall doesn’t use flash for displaying the game, but Unity. For the user it works the same, but he/she has to [...]