Half of US population plays eGames

That is an interesting conclusion of a study released by the PEW institute. There is a difference among the age, but still individuals over 65 years do gaming. Computers are the most preferred devices among mobile phones, game consoles and others. Less than 5% have created an avatar yet, so MMORPGs and virtual worlds users [...]

Lively shuts down

A notice on Techcrunch said: “Google Kills Lively” Well, that’s says almost all about the state of 3D virtual worlds. This is not a bad sign at all, but a misjudgment from Google’s side - Second Life & Co would be easily put under pressure through Lively. But this was - obviously - not the [...]

Your Virtual World Credit Card: Metacard

I learned about MetaCard from TechCrunch, and it’s quite interesting how fast real and virtual worlds merges: pay your bills in SecondLife with MetaCard. The system is the same as in a local shop or in the web. You need a real life account with MetaCard, and that’s the really interesting part of the story [...]

Webb-Alert delivers game industry news

A nice video-news channel is provided for everybody interested in Games and Tech. Webb-Altert has daily shows. It is produced by Morgan Webb, who does everything: talk, produce, distribute. Have a look!
Link: Webb-Alert