ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht “ePortfolio & Digital Identity”

ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht

During this year’ conference in Maastricht, “ePortfolio & Digital Identity” I had the opportunity to present my concept of an avatar ePortfolio (see here). It’s a work in progress so far, nevertheless I thought that it could help to communicate my ideas of an ePortfolio to the community of ePortfolio experts. Indeed, the presentation triggered [...]

Avatar ePortfolio

At the Maastricht conference “ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008″ I will present my ideas about a possible avatar ePortfolio. Although the paper will be available short after the conference at the end of October, I want to outline some general ideas here in this post. More about my research can be found here…
One aspect of [...]

Erikson: What is identity?

When we talk about virtual worlds and avatars, we immediately discuss concepts like second life, virtual life or virtual identity. By common sense, we understand virtual identity as something not real as our physical environment, but real in some sense that what we do in virtual worlds is real to us. As we’re present in [...]