ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht “ePortfolio & Digital Identity”

ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht

During this year’ conference in Maastricht, “ePortfolio & Digital Identity” I had the opportunity to present my concept of an avatar ePortfolio (see here). It’s a work in progress so far, nevertheless I thought that it could help to communicate my ideas of an ePortfolio to the community of ePortfolio experts. Indeed, the presentation triggered [...]

Avatar ePortfolio

At the Maastricht conference “ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008″ I will present my ideas about a possible avatar ePortfolio. Although the paper will be available short after the conference at the end of October, I want to outline some general ideas here in this post. More about my research can be found here…
One aspect of [...]

Design your own 3D scenes

Design your own 3D scenes

A nice way to tell a story or to send a message is to design it the 3D way. With SceneCaster, it is pretty easy to do. SceneCaster is a free online-application with many different functions to build your own short movie.

You can store your scenes and also explore others from the website. To make [...]

3D worlds as future of eCommerce

A while ago I read an interesting article at Techcrunch about the future of eCommerce - and this is, you guess it, the sphere of 3D worlds. The main message is that future application will have a strong tendency toward virtual services of all sort.
If this is the case, I may think about the role [...]

Avatars on the move

In earlier posts, I wrote about Metacrusher, a challenging project to web all these different virtual worlds together. Another huge step into the direction of virtual world open-crossings is the announcement of Second Life to open up its platform for third parties.
Second Life intentions to make its code open-source are driven by a survival strategy [...]