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Lively shuts down

A notice on Techcrunch said: “Google Kills Lively” Well, that’s says almost all about the state of 3D virtual worlds. This is not a bad sign at all, but a misjudgment from Google’s side - Second Life & Co would be easily put under pressure through Lively. But this was - obviously - not the [...]

Micropayments and eGames

A succesful example how payment methods can change a complete MMORPG is Kingsisle and its game Wizard101. The spell-casting role playing game became drastically more popular, after some parts of the game went free for use. If users wanted to unlock certain functions, small amounts like 1 US$ were transfered via micro-payment functionality. The amount [...]

LiveGamer: marketplace for virtual goods

LiveGamer: marketplace for virtual goods

LiveGamer is a trading place for virtual goods - that means you can buy and sell your virtual goods for hard cash or virtual currency. Gamers have the possibility to trade goods either on black markets (most of the at places like eBay, and very often against the EULAs of the specific game) or to [...]