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ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht “ePortfolio & Digital Identity”

ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht

During this year’ conference in Maastricht, “ePortfolio & Digital Identity” I had the opportunity to present my concept of an avatar ePortfolio (see here). It’s a work in progress so far, nevertheless I thought that it could help to communicate my ideas of an ePortfolio to the community of ePortfolio experts. Indeed, the presentation triggered [...]

Parallel Kingdom: Game in RL or real gaming?

Parallel Kingdom: Game in RL or real gaming?

I just came back from the Vienna Games Conference last weekend, and was impressed by the spectrum of topics this new scientific fields is using to understand the sense, trends and impact of gaming to our actual world. On the other side, gaming isn’t the only hot topic I like to follow: it’s gps-using online [...]

Madison D. Soyini: Critical Ethnography. Method, Ethics, and Performance

As someone new to ethnography in general, to virtual ethnography in special, I sought for introduction as well as critical analysis of a qualitative data method. I read a couple of very good books from my library (and finally end buying a few of them) - one of them is Soyini Madison’s Critical Ethnography.
This book [...]