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Avatar ePortfolio

At the Maastricht conference “ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008″ I will present my ideas about a possible avatar ePortfolio. Although the paper will be available short after the conference at the end of October, I want to outline some general ideas here in this post. More about my research can be found here…
One aspect of [...]

Robotgalaxy plans to expand into the virtual dimension

Robotgalaxy plans to expand into the virtual dimension

Robotgalaxy is known in the US as a roboter-focused toy retailer: kids can assemble robots from many different parts and even program their creation with movements. The main idea behind the move is to give kids the possibility to bring their individual creations into a digtial environment and to play with / against other robots.

There [...]

Oh yeah: Holodecks, for the future

I was always curious about the effects a holodeck would have on gaming, learning and how we perceive what we call “world”. But that’s a dream, I don’t think I will taste in my life. On the other side, there are signs that the industry is approaching the field of computer manipulation through other means [...]

Christine Hine: Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet.

A few weeks ago, I found some time to read through a very comprehensive book about online research methods. Here some of the main ideas / important quotes I took out of the context:

“Online relationships can be highly potent ways of conducting research. Contrary to previous doubts, effective qualitative research relationships can be forged online. [...]