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Avatars on the move

In earlier posts, I wrote about Metacrusher, a challenging project to web all these different virtual worlds together. Another huge step into the direction of virtual world open-crossings is the announcement of Second Life to open up its platform for third parties.
Second Life intentions to make its code open-source are driven by a survival strategy [...]

Your Virtual World Credit Card: Metacard

I learned about MetaCard from TechCrunch, and it’s quite interesting how fast real and virtual worlds merges: pay your bills in SecondLife with MetaCard. The system is the same as in a local shop or in the web. You need a real life account with MetaCard, and that’s the really interesting part of the story [...]

Romantic Chateau Online

Romantic Chateau Online

Romantic Chateau Online is a virtual world by Leeuu, a Chinese company. From China Web 2.0 I learned, that it includes virtual houses, virtual goods, chat, as well as it “requires users to plant virtual crops, raise virtual animals and mine virtual metal, to produce virtual raw materials that can then be sold for virtual [...]

Webb-Alert delivers game industry news

A nice video-news channel is provided for everybody interested in Games and Tech. Webb-Altert has daily shows. It is produced by Morgan Webb, who does everything: talk, produce, distribute. Have a look!
Link: Webb-Alert