Barbie Girls

This is a virtual world just for girls - all in pink, and it’s about chating, shopping and partying. I checked in as lena64.
Well, I’m definitely not a member of the target group here, but it was a short, but interesting experiment. I tried to check the main function of the avatars, their possibilities and the amount of interaction among the avatars. It’s reported that Barbie World has an increase in members of 50.000 per day!

The interface is pretty forward and easy, even for me. Your avatar can be dressed and have a unique avatar ‘layout’, although the possibilities to define your look are limited, some require you to have a kind of premium account.

The Barbie World is a world of games, friends and shops. There are three main communication interfaces: your mail, your instant messanger (called B Chat) and your chat when you meet with people in parks, stores or in your room.

You can buy accessoires, furniture and other stuff, go for movie theaters or just hang out in the park. As I could see in those few minutes, there is not much interaction among avatars, and knowledge can’t be stored as everything you may own is designed from the designers of Barbie World.

barbie world

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